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  • Marstron service advice

    I Have a beautiful grey dial Marstron in extremely good condition. There seem to be 2 issues with the movement Dynotron 9254
    A) hour and minute hand stop at 11.30 pm. i guess it has to do with the date change.
    B) Battery contact problems, the battery is replaced but the was dirt, oil near the contact.

    i absolutely love this piece and i would like to see it restore in it fully glory to use and enjoy.
    These days who would touch a Dynotron movement ? Electronic watches UK is unavailable for the forseeable future.

    kind regards


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    I have done quite a number of Marstrons and Z's (9154 movements).

    Normally the calendars are pretty fault free. If you drive the hands through 11:30 does the date change? (dont force it if it wont go.)

    If the the hour/minute hands only stop at 11:30 before midnight and not at 11:30 mid day as well then you are probably correct that it is a date change problem, which should be relatively easy to cure. It happens on both occasions then it could possibly be the hands clashing with each other/with the rotating Rado anchor. Again you should be able to drive through it if its not too bad.

    The screws that attach the battery terminal and the one beside it with the same screw type that attaches the board to the watch also form part of the electrical circuit and can sometimes need cleaning. Also the spring that the long lever that stops the balance also forms part of the circuit. When the crown is pressed in the lever touches a prong on the board that acts an electrical switch to provide volts to the circuit. Sometimes this contact is dirty and can cause problems. Make sure the battery clamp is also clean and securely attached.

    Not sure what else to say without seeing the watch.

    Dont try taking it apart unless you have the correct tools as there a quite a few areas that you can terminally damage (especially the coil)


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      Thank you that is helpful. Because of the electronic movement most watch makers won't touch it but I feel encouraged by your explanation it is easy to fix and doable. I won't do it myself.


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        Attached is a cloud link to a directory of mine in the cloud. There is a video mov file that shows the operation of the date ring on one of my spare Marstron movements (its the top right hand quarter of the display).

        Another thing it could be is a worn or damaged calendar ring of the pickup wheel (shown in the video).

        Sorry about the video quality.

        There are a few diagrams of a 9150 movement which mechanically is basically the same as a 9154.

        Best of luck



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          The directory now contains the 9150 manual with 9154 addendum give gives all the information on how to disassemble and assemble your watch.