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Hi, first post, I'm new to collecting Rado

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  • Hi, first post, I'm new to collecting Rado

    Rado were never sold in Canada so unknown to me. I saw an Instagram post of a ncc 505 and that got me hooked immediately. In less than 12 months I picked up what you see. Ncc 404, ncc 444, ncc 505, silver Sabre, Manhattan.

    The most expensive was the Manhattan, that was around 250$ canadian. The gold 444 was from a remote part of Canada, has no wear on it, and I paid 13$.

    The silver Sabre is a disappointment. I didn't pay much. Less than 100$. But the contrast between the hands and the face is low so it's hard to read. Then I cracked the crystal. The replacement I found is plastic and faceted, which makes it even harder to read. Shame, it keeps perfect time.

    I do have a question. How exactly do I remove the 2 piece friction fit stem. I'd like to examine the movement but they are in that silicon bladder.

    Oh, and I opened the Manhattan and it's gasket has disintegrated. Is anyone making a replacement?

    I could not upload pics but here is a link to them

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    Congrats on finding Rado and finding us! You've managed to obtain some cool prices for low investment, so that's great news.

    I am unsure whether gaskets for Manhattans are still available...others here may be able to chime in from their experience.
    I'm in need of one for a Favre-Leuba Sea Raider (a slightly evolved Manhattan clone from the mid-1970s):

    If someone offers that sort of thing, I'd be interested to know also!