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  • Recent “New Old Stock” Auctions

    Some very rare and tempting items surfaced this week, all new old stock. A Manhattan and a Captain Cook MkII came and went on Yahoo Japan, did anyone here grab those? The Manhattan was a good value at just over 30,000 yen. The CC flew higher and achieved 84,000.

    I’m trying to downsize the collection so didn’t pull the trigger on either of the two above though temptation was great. I also already have good examples of both. I did however fail to resist the charms of a green Over Pole 180 from a German auction. Another “NOS” rare model though missing its original SK bracelet for some reason. Pic to follow when I work out how to!
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    I wasn't watching those, John, but I hope someone in our ranks brought them home.
    The Over Pole sounds interesting...I'll be keen to see it when you take possession of it.

    Isn't there a way to embed photobucket images using bracket code? That's how I do it from Fototime.