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Manhattan V and FL Sea Raider...

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  • Manhattan V and FL Sea Raider...

    Just a few comparison shots from watches I have owned...

    The FL has a very slim profile, compared to the Manhattan V, due to a crystal that barely rises above the bezel. Sadly, I do not have a similar photo of the Rado. However, this poor profile picture shows a Manhattan V crystal rising noticeably higher above the bezel surface. Neither photo shows that the Sea Raider has a slight top-to-bottom curve to the bezel and the crystal follows it. I seem to recall the bezel of the Rado is much flatter (which I expected of the FL).

    The overall dimensions of the FL appear to be somewhat more economical, as well. I expected this to be a massive chunk of watch from the photos I'd seen, but it is remarkably unobtrusive for the style.

    Construction is very similar for both watches, though a cursory examination shows that there is a rubber-ish gasket atop the FL crystal, to better create a seal between the crystal edges and the underside of the bezel. As this watch is running great, the dial appears to be flawless, and all seals are intact, I'm not going to disassemble it for photography.

    This pair would certainly be worthy of a head-to-head comparative review, like I did for the Diastar 13G and Technos Borazon...however, I am of the belief that the Favre-Leuba would come out on top in this instance (perhaps not my much).
    Regardless, I venture to say these are the top two...setting aside NCCs.

    PS> Please share photos of Manhattan Vs, or other barrel-shaped TV Screen wtches, if you wish...
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    Thanks for sharing those SRII photos, John. I didn't realize you owned any. Is that a Lapis dial?


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      Hi Brad, they are not mine, just two that I saw recently for sale. The seller claims the dial On the first one to be lapis.
      See my collection slideshow at


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        Dimensions of the Sea Raider watch case are as follows:
        Width (without crown): 37.5 mm
        Length: 37 mm
        Height (including crystal): 11.5 mm
        Lug width: 23.5 mm (bracelet end piece fills this; first link in bracelet is 22 mm)
        Case diagonal: 50 mm
        Dial width: 30 mm
        Dial length: 21 mm
        Dial diagonal: 36 mm

        Can anyone share measurements of the Manhattan V? I've owned 2 or 3 over the past 18 years, but do no have one now.

        Click for larger image:
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          Below, two pics from one of my Manhattans, one shows the thick crystal from the side.

          IMG_20201002_231644.jpg IMG_20201002_231714.jpg


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            One of my Manhattan V’s measurements approximate. Case width 38.2, length 40.3, height 13.5, lug 20.0, case diag.50.6, dial diag 38.0, dial width 30.5, dial top to bottom 21.8 all measurements taken with case closed.


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              Thanks, Kevin. All-in-all, very similar; only a couple measurements of +2mm or so on the Rado.