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What do you want to know about Louis Rossel?

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  • What do you want to know about Louis Rossel?

    I am soliciting questions to ask an inside source from Louis Rossel who has contacted me. He either knows the answers himself, or can likely get them from the chief watchmaker from Louis Rossel, who he has regular contact with. I have already suggested an overview of the history and there is a slight possibility that I may get access to electronic versions of catalogues ( If I can convince my source or the LR watchmaker to scan them).
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    I think both the history and a catalogue would be a great resource to have here Henry.


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      Best of luck, Hank!
      Alongside being the top on-line resource for info on vintage Rado watches, EOT can also be the go-to place for LR information.


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        Ok, it's been quiet but this, for me is a tidbit of info. The quart Automatic dials are not ones that had quartz added when LR made them available as I thought. They were available as one or the other. Also, there are quartz automatic mens models. I had only previously seen, and owned, womens models.
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          I'm not very familiar with LR quirks...are there actually dials that have both Quartz and Automatic printed on them?
          I guess it isn't too different than the early battery-powered Rados which displayed the Anchor previously used on autos. If it's not manually wound it must be automatic (of some sort), right?


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            I got a question:

            Why did the Rossel company bought movements without regulators
            or why they removed the movement regulator mechanic from the hairspring bridge.

            Another question comes to my mind:

            Where did they get the 70 carbide cases from. Maybe the company had some special access to the Ceratizit hard metal supplier..