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Have you fellas seen the comet Neowise?

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  • Have you fellas seen the comet Neowise?

    I'm really excited, because I'm close to having my 56-H article published, which includes comet content, and I've taken photos of the Neowise comet.
    Almost by accident (which is pretty much how 56-H was discovered) I saw the comet when taking photos of a friend's mountain house.
    Knowing that the comet was likely to appear, I was killing time as the sky darkened by taking photos of the house with the sunset and Big Dipper in the background.
    I looked at one of the earlier photos and BANG there was the comet in my photo!

    Immediately, I raised my binoculars to the sky and could easily spot the comet.
    I was stoked!

    Another photo from that evening:

    And another comet I quite enjoy:

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    Wow, nice one Brad, particularly with the article coming out. I wonder if we can see it down south?