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New Rado owner - long time watch collector - Yet Another set of Noob questions

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  • New Rado owner - long time watch collector - Yet Another set of Noob questions

    Hi all-

    I've spent about two hours looking for information, trying to find the 'third pinned message' (there is only two) with Rado watch dating info, browsed a thread that ostensibly was about model numbers that mentioned about three models and generally gotten to the point that I feel I have to dive in and impose on the long time club members for how to use the 'Resources' and figure out where some sort of lookup table for models and/or serial numbers exists for dating my Diastar and (redialed/repainted) Musketeer...
    Who can help?
    I will try to attach pics, but I know these forums can be fussy, so don't be surprised if the images don't appear - it seems that only 1/3 of the images originally uploaded are still here anyway... I will try to caption the photos meaningfully and reproduce some of the information here in the body, since the pics appear to disappear from posts in time.
    So, I have a gold-tone DiaStar that looks to me like it predates the 're-release' of the 'Original' series a few years ago, and may well date to the 70s... hard to know, but I'm basing that on the appearance of the bracelet. (which, btw, has the expander spring at one end, in addition to the bifold clasp).
    The crown is signed, the applied logos look good and typical, and the anchor is in relief rather than fully flat like many of the newer Rado Diastars I've run across previously. This makes me believe it's an older model-- but I'm only deducing that from observation. One of you undoubtedly knows ... right?
    The RADO on the side of the case looks extremely sharp, and far less muddled than a couple I found in the forums... do these vary much? Since it's being either milled into the 'hardmetal'/WC/Tungsten Carbide, I'd expect this to be pretty sharp-- it's not molded at the WC melt temp!
    The rotor spins very freely -- as freely as my two Omega Speedmasters -- and the watch appears to run, at least for a few hours at a time -- then, the watch stops when the minute had is anywhere between the 10 and the 12... and the second hand stops about the 1-o-clock mark.

    So, who can help me identify the age of this baby, either directly cause you're full of Rado Trivia, or by pointing me to some page, or table, or Geo-Cache in Gugarat?

    Thanks, folks! I look forward to getting to know you!
    mike compeau - cleveland, oh

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    Hello and welcome. It's definitely not a '70s DS. And I'm sorry but I must say first up, that the dial doesn't look right, it appears to have been altered.

    I doubt that Rado would ever sell a watch with globs of glue all over the dial and I wonder if the anchor is not spinning cause its glued up too. Failing that, maybe it's been affected by moisture, causing some glue to melt, that might also explain the movement stopping but there's no evidence of moisture damage on the rest of the dial and it does seem to be an awful lot of glue. I know that this is one of the correct styles of dial for this Ref# but it looks like someone has made an attempt to restore it and it hasn't gone well (N.B. there should be a 3 digit number at the bottom of the dial near the Swiss, 031, 030 etc, it's the style code for that dial). I don't know exactly when the "Original" series starts, perhaps in the '80s and watches with that Ref# were still being sold in 2018 but given it's condition, the wear on the back and the fact that it stops, I'm guessing this is an early one. I have a DS XL with the same 648 prefix (this prefix will refer to a specific movement) and the same press fit case back but given that it's a press fit I haven't tried removed it to see what the movement is. In any case, both your watch and mine post date the use of the 3 digit date code so looking at the movement won't help. Given that this a relatively recent model, if you email Rado with the Ref and serial numbers they may well be able to give you a production date. Henry will probably be able to give you a bit more help when he sees this post. As for the Musketeer, I'm afraid those photos didn't make it but if you are able to remove the case back you'll find a 3 digit code stamped on the movement, first digit = year, second 2 = month. As an example, since you have a Musketeer I have opened this watch, a Musketeer VI.

    Here's the movement, as you can see it's a decorated GP ETA 2789 (the ETA cal number stamped under the balance), a 21,600 bph movement produced between '69 & '76. Around the outer LHS you can see it's stamped R, 2798 (this is the Rado cal number) and 211 the date code for Nov '72.

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      Hello Compeau
      I saw your photos and videos on IG and I have to ask about provenance of this watch. Did you get it fron an AD?