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    Originally posted by scottjc View Post
    Hello and welcome to the family.
    Congratulations on your World Travel. It was also one of the first Rado models I bought, way back in the mists of time, and I still have a soft spot for it even though I haven't worn it for a long time.
    Frankens are often so blatant that they are easily identified, although they still look nice enough to fool many non-Rado aficionados.
    I look forward to seeing the watch when it arrives and hope you enjoy the rabbit hole you've just fallen down.

    WP_20161213_13_49_27_Pro (3).jpg
    Thanks Scott! Actually I came across your posts on your World Travel in other forums while searching for information. It's a shame you don't wear it much anymore. It's a stunner. I will definitely be posting shots of it when it arrives.

    Originally posted by Henry Krinkle View Post
    Hello and welcome. You've made a good choice for a first Rado. The World Travel is a lovely model and I have no good reason to doubt your watch and I really have nothing to add to what Tim has told you.
    Thanks Henry! Some of your past posts on the watch in other forums was what helped me decide to pull the trigger. Tim was indeed very thorough. The watch has been shipped and I think it would probably only arrive next week. Although it has yet to arrive, I'm already looking at getting a Green Horse.