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Need some help about a possible fake, guys.

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  • Need some help about a possible fake, guys.

    I normally hang out on the other forum, but I need some specialized help. My buddy Brad (not the one here) is a watch dealer. He has this Rado and is trying to sell it, but his customer says it may be a fake made in India. Can someone give me a quick authoritative read on if it's real?



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    That's a real Rado dial, crystal, case, case back, and movement (from Nov. 1971)..and probably an authentic NSA bracelet from the late 1960s-early 1970s (might be worth as much as the watch, sold separately). Whether they all came from the factory assembled together, I have strong doubts. The concerns I have are:
    1. a case without gold would not have a gold anchor and hands
    2. the overhang of the tungsten-carbide bezel over the case frame. It looks sketchy and fragile.
    3. the dial has a numeric identifier, which I don't think came along until the 1980s or later.
    4. hands are not correct for a 1971 Diastar
    The above would suggest this was put together from parts of more than one watch.
    Any other comments, guys?
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      That's exactly what I would have written, Brad.

      It is almost certainly made from almost entirely authentic parts but it is not factory correct by a long way.
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        Brad and Henry have nailed it so I can't add any more.
        This is more of a Franken-Rado than a fake, sadly we see many of them.


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          Oddly the movement looks really clean...usually a replacement dial is an indicator of corrosion inside the case. Not seeing that here. Maybe someone just preferred a newer dial to the original?
          Hard to speculate, but if may well have come from India. We've seen Frankenrados creatively cobbled (and dials creatively painted) from that region...and most Rado there feature more gold and bling than are seen on Rados from Western markets.


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            Yes, agree with all of the above. The hands and dial are definitely later than the rest of the watch. Printing of the dial style number (063 in this case) at the bottom of the dial is relatively modern. Someone here, possibly Marcus, would probably have a correct dial / hand set if your friend is interested. No doubt the original dial and hands were marked or corroded so they decided to swap them but the rest of it is genuine early 70's.


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              Tim. I dig the new avatar.


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                Originally posted by Watch Carefully View Post
                Tim. I dig the new avatar.
                Thanks Brad, I obviously had a bit too much time on my hands on Tuesday afternoon.


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                  Thanks, guys. I've passed on the info.

                  Great avatar, Tim.

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                    Thanks George.