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Another re-casing experiment...

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  • Another re-casing experiment...

    I was optimistic this project would work out...maybe it still can.

    Having looked at the size of the dial of my newest 56-H project (newest in my collection and also latest production date), I felt it was likely that late 56-Hs and Ref 11821, its successor, might be of similar dimensions. Therefore, I obtained (at some expense) a project watch using what I believe to be the same case as 11821...a Ref 11902 Jetliner 333:

    It uses the same base movement, and has a substantial movement ring, so I was fairly sure this would not be too small to handle the ~30mm dial of the 56-H (a problem which has restricted nearly all my previous attempts). I was right...there is ample space for the 56-H dial. This is the good news.

    The bad news? Unfortunately, there is too much space. To my surprise, the Jetliner dial measures 31mm in diameter.
    Here is what the 56-H looks like in its place:

    It fits, and is pretty secure, but there is enough space visible around the dial that it looks unfinished. Possibly, I could have someone mill a steel or brass ring to act as rehaut (the term for that inner bezel thingy on many watches, such as NCCs) but I'm not sure the final product (the combination of this case style with the older dial) will match well enough to justify the effort and expense.

    The search continues...

    On the bright side, these cases are really substantial and almost modern in size...if you feel that 1960s watches are too small and/or really chunky 1970s styles aren't your favorite, this might be an excellent middle-ground option.