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How little do watch sellers know about Rado?

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  • How little do watch sellers know about Rado?

    This seller's photo may give you a clue...


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    Um....For some reason they're covering the patent numbers instead of the case number which you can't see anyway because it's on the side between the lugs.


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      It's a pity Rado didn't make their watch markings a little more intuitive to decipher.
      Early bayonet-back watches have the Patent numbers visible, sometimes there is a Reference number, and sometimes another fairly long string of numbers, which we refer to as a Case number, for lack of a better term. In no case, except possibly in modern times, is there an actual registered case number (serial number) or indication of Limited Edition (eg, 001/200). Among Rado movements, only the chronometer movements have numbers (not serial numbers, but movement numbers, required for certification). Ergo, hiding any case numbers is folly.

      Granted, this is esoteric knowledge, little known. We've sorted most of this out through observation and discussion over the past dozen years, with little guidance, if any, from outside these ranks. However...

      I'd love to see sellers of vintage Rados adhere to a code of conduct for listing watches. Maybe we can provide something for a manifesto.
      I'll start with my biggest peeve.

      Sellers Should...
      1. Always include the reference number in an on-line description.
        Example: Many of us know there is a big difference in desirability between a Voyager with Cal. AS1876 and others, and we know the reference number of the 'right one.' Yet the sellers do not always include the ref. number in their listings, so a search on eBay (for example) has to be 'dumbed down' in a way that provides far more search results than are necessary. Therefore, we must look through many listings of Voyagers (of the right shape and otherwise) in order to potentially identify a diamond in the rough.

      Please add your own!