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Do you have any vintage Rado mvts with adjustments or 3-letter import code?

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  • Do you have any vintage Rado mvts with adjustments or 3-letter import code?

    In the process of ongoing research, I have taken note of very few Rado movements which offer any indication of being adjusted (or not), and nor have I seen many that use an import code (such as UOR, shown below).

    I speculate that this is because the 3-letter code and the need to claim adjustments were pertinent to import tariffs in place in the USA during the first decades after WW2.

    As Rado did not officially begin marketing their watches in the USA until 1965 (with the introduction of the Manhattan) we might not expect to see any 3-letter codes on Rado watches before then. I'm unsure how much longer those tariffs were enforced, but will continue trying to learn this.

    Please share any examples (and details) of Rado watch movements marked Adjusted, Unadjusted, UOR or any other 3-letter code. I'll be interested to see if any watch is marked with adjustments (even 0) but not the import code...and I have seen very few vintage Rado movements with the adjustments indicated (see below).

    Above mid-1960s 56-H AS1701 marked 'unadjusted' and UOR. Below, Manhattan AS1859 with 'unadjusted' on the rotor:

    Below, ca. 1958 FHF 74-2 with adjustments:

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    A couple far no "unadjusted" without UOR.


    Felsa 692 posted by Miles (note: Mick also has one without the Bidynator label):


    And a Felsa 1560:

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      So, I wasn't paying enough attention to items i had in my own collection.
      Here is a very early Rado AS1250 bumper-automatic with 'unadjusted' and UOR markings!
      Could this mean the watch was intended for the US market several years before the Manhattan?

      Also, an Unadjusted UOR movement from a Mini Manhattan...:

      ...and a similar movement with adjustments and no 3-letter code (from a Princess model, not mine):

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