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Some new info on a vintage rarity...

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  • Some new info on a vintage rarity...

    Hi folks,
    I'm sure we haven't seen many of these square Rado automatics from the period 1957-1961. Until now, we didn't know what to call them, so I had to share this info, which came with some other tidbits I received from Lengnau today.
    I present to you Reference 11607:



    It is nice to know the reference number of this piece, but what I find most fascinating is the revelation that the anchor symbol, mounted on a jewel, is described as solid gold. I've yet to examine one from that period to see if it appears to be gold--I believe they switched to plastic later. This advert suggests that only solid or gold-plated automatic models initially got this feature. I wonder if there were ever white gold anchors...

    I'll be sharing more juicy info from this source in the near future.

    PS. if you own a Ref 11607. please share photos! Does it have a reference number on the case back? I would expect it does not, as many of those early backs have patent info, but not model info.

    PPS. Ref. 11607 is not included in the list provided by Bruce Shawkey (available via the Rado resource thread).
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    Thanks Brad, very interesting, particularly the reference to the solid gold anchor, it does make one wonder what those early silver ones may have been, although surely they'd have made mention of it in the advertising media and catalogues if they were also made of precious metal. Glad to see we're on to a new source of information from Rado, thanks for sharing.