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  • The World Travel experiment...

    Hello all,
    I am writing to ask a favour of anyone who has a World Travel model like the one below. I believe it has an AS caliber 1701 or similar.

    Could you let me know the diameter of the dial opening and, if you have access and are willing, the diameter of the actual dial?
    I'm hoping the case would fit my 30mm 56-H dial, so I could begin the search for a donor case.

    Of course, if you have a project WT to sell, I'll be interested also!

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    You know, I've looked at those a million times, but I have never bought one.
    Solve all your doubts through question mode.


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      I've got a couple of World Travels but not on gold.
      I'll have a look at the movements, etc if I get chance.


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        Hi gents,
        I'm still seeking info on whether the above type of World Travel watch case will work with a 30mm dial.
        I don't want to pressure Scott to dismantle a complete watch for this info--does anyone else have a parts watch they could investigate for me?



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          So, I pulled the trigger on the one above as a possible donor case.
          No dice. It houses as 28.5mm dial, so the 30mm of the Series II 56-H will not fit. 'Tis a pity, as it would look great in that case.

          Anyone seeking an early 1960s World Travel?

          It runs but likely will need cleaning. There is some damage to the case back--looks like someone who doesn't understand the Bayonet back tried to pry the back open, and chipped the edge in a couple spots. The 30-jewel AS 1581 is complete--running a tad fast, but I have not regulated it. Dial is clean, hands show a little tarnish, case is 14k plated and quite presentable, looks like the crystal is original, crown is block R type, but plating is worn off. The anchor on the dial appears to be solid gold, so is likely 18k.

          Open to offers...especially a Rado case that will accept a 30mm dial!

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