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OT: Just returned from a couple weeks in Västsverige

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  • OT: Just returned from a couple weeks in Västsverige

    Hello friends,
    I've been gone a while and here is why: I had 3 days of vendor demos to attend, hosted by my colleagues in Gothenburg, which I was able to stretch into nearly 2 weeks in the office there. We are assessing Regulatory Information Management's interesting stuff, if you're in my line of work. I flew in on the 19th, just a day or so after my wife (Jill) and I dropped our daughter at university in Nashville, TN for her orientation and first semester. Exciting, that, but also I knew it would be tough on my wife to be missing her and also missing me for a couple weeks so, lucky us, I had enough airline miles to bring Jill along for a week. Her first visit to Sweden.
    Here are some of the highlights of our travels around Västsverige.

    Göteborg is a tidy place with some cool old buildings and a great network of vintage Trams. Our transit card got us around on trams, busses and even ferries!

    I even rented a scooter:

    There are loads of good places to buy local and craft beer...

    ...and plenty of wacky Swedes willing to drink it!

    I made sure to visit the Volvo Museum:

    Sir Roger Moore's former ride in the TV series The Saint:

    Most people in G'borg do not drive in the city, but the car culture is strong...there are loads of big, classic American sleds.

    Outside the city, they are partial to boats. There are many many islands along the coastline (vastkust):

    Above: Vrångö island.

    Marstrand island:

    Carlsten's Fortress:

    Back in Gothenburg, I thought of Henry, and his cool neon-inspired paintings:

    We caught some shoe-gazers rocking at a notable local venue:

    Jill did some hiking while I was at work

    There is a lot of the interior we wanted to explore but could not...when we get back someday, we'll head inland and do some more hiking.
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    Great travelogue Brad, thanks for sharing.


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      Looks like a fun trip Brad. Glad you found some decent beer.


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        Awesome views Brad, thanks for sharing.


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          I concur with Tim. Great shots too.


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            Thanks for the pictures Brad.
            Sweden is agreat place and always worth the travel.
            Glad you and your wife enjoyed it.
            Thumbs up for your daughter.


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              Originally posted by jethrobodine View Post
              I concur with Tim. Great shots too.
              Thanks! I'm surprised at the quality of cellphone images these days...and I'musing an iPhone a few generations old.
              One or two of the images above were from my wife's newer phone. Luckily, she doesn't complain when my account applies my personal watermark.


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                Looks Beautiful Brad. Nice photos too.
                Solve all your doubts through question mode.