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    D085632A-D1AD-45F2-9339-4C356EF83389.jpeg This one came today. Polished up nicely, except for the crystal, which I might replace. First Rado with this case Iíve ever seen? Has a Rado caseback, crown, and buckle, all could have been replaced? Anybody else ever seen this case before? Reminds me of my Omega f300.

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    I can't say I've seen that one before. It's a kind of blend of some of their other cases, other than the lug design which is probably unique to this case. Looking at it, I think the lugs have been designed to mimic the castle logo. Any idea what's inside yet?
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      Nice one Kevin, different.


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        948A6D8C-D0C8-4104-B329-564B46AB305B.jpeg Never looked at it that way. Itís got a 2783 inside and been running very accurate for over two days now. Feels good on the wrist and nice heavy bracelet links.


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          I think you've uncovered a rare version of that model Kevin. The bezel is a throwback to the 60's but the case is very firmly mid 70's as is born out by the date code, I reckon it's all original , nice find.
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