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Restoring Rado Shell Sapphire

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  • Restoring Rado Shell Sapphire

    Hi guys,

    Miss you guys a lot. Haven't been here for awhile.

    I just got yesterday Rado Shell Sapphire as shown on the picture attached. The watch is so beautiful and the colors of the shell dial is insanely satisfying to look it.

    I need to service the watch but before I want to polish it and bursh it myself. The thing is I know how to remove the movement but really not the crystal and in my area it's almost impossible to find a pro who knows what to do with vintage Rado. Well I can find someone but I have to tell them myself what to do and with the right tools hopefully they can do it.

    My question is. What is the proper way to remove the crystal? Someone told me I just have to push it from inside to outside. I just have to make sure what is the right way so I don't screw things up.

    Thank you guys and I love you all.

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    Congrats on a great find!
    I have no experience removing crystals of this type, so I'll leave it to others who have performed such tasks.
    Best of luck!


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      Hi Azu!

      Considering their rarity that is a pretty nice Shell Sapphire. The dial looks really good and you don't have to go through the trouble of tracking down a proper bracelet.

      Without a crystal press there is always a danger of cracking it, but I have removed crystals before by simply applying pressure from the inside. If you do try this what you want to do is distribute the pressure as evenly as possible. At the very least use both thumbs, held thumbnail to thumbnail and push down and out at the same time. If you could get something like something similar to a squash ball that would fit inside they do a great job of distributing pressure. I use them to remove casebacks that do not have regular notches.

      Good luck!
      Solve all your doubts through question mode.


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        Azu you need to push the cristal from the front, but since there is a holding ring inside the case you will need a press and the proper dice to reinstall the cristal


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          Hi Azu, congratulations on a lovely watch, that's a particularly vivid dial. Unless you have the right equipment and advice to remove the crystal, you should seek the help of a watchmaker to do it for you, even if you have to send it out of country. If you damage that crystal, it will be almost impossible to replace. Perhaps Scott, when he has time, could show his Shell Sapphire to his watchmaker and get some professional advice for you.


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            Beautiful, congratulations.


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              A beautiful and extremely rare watch Azu, congratulations.
              As Tim suggested, I will try to remember to take mine with me on my next trip to see my watchmaker and ask his advice.


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                Congrats on that beautiful rarity and good luck for the restauration!

                I dont own one but Im looking for a nice Shell Sapphire already for a while.
                Ive seen a few for sale with cracked dials or dials with holes, so the dials seem to be very fragile.
                You should be extremely carefully removing/reassembling hands and dial.
                The glass crystal has a gasket/holding ring from plastic and should be pressed out from outside to inside,
                Best regards, Mike


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                  Thank you guys. I think I will take Tim suggestion and wait for a professional advice or even send it to another country.
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