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    Hi I am looking for one screw to attach the bracelet to the watch of my elderly rado diastar. Can anyone help please. Picture attached 20190609_165724.jpg 20190609_165438.jpg 20190609_165357.jpg 20190609_165230.jpg 20190609_165010.jpg

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    Hi Liz,
    Have you contacted a Rado dealer about this? I would assume they can provide parts such as this.
    I do not know of a source who would likely have this item in stock, but perhaps other members here have suggestions...


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      Thanks why didn't I think of that!


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        I'll offer a little advice, though...
        If the Rado dealer says they need to take the watch in, send it to Rado and have the fix done, be aware they may mark up the charge from Rado by 100%.
        I made this mistake about 20 years ago, when a screw went missing from a bracelet clasp on my Omega Seamaster. I ended up paying a dealer $65...and I probably could have replaced the screw my self for pennies. If I hadn't lost the screw (and not known what it looked like) I could have chosen somethng like it from my supplies and it would have been fine. Lesson learned.

        Alternatives include finding a screw yourself (some eBay seller offer bags of old screws, and maybe something like yours is included) or send the watch directly to Rado Service Center, and avoid the mark-up from a local dealer..