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  • Jubilar

    Well I couldn't resist it. Apologies for eBay link but as I bought it I don't think that should be contentious. I'm also sitting on a train which makes it difficult to post the actual pictures. I will put some real pics on tomorrow.

    Photos as the watch has now arrived, I wont open it so the movement photos are from the original listing.

    P1060268.jpgP1060267.jpgP1060266.jpgP1060265.jpgs-l1600 (4).jpgs-l1600 (3).jpgs-l1600 (2).jpgs-l1600 (1).jpgs-l1600.jpg

    I got some reasonable discount, which goes to show if you don't ask you don't get. I'm sure it will take pride of place in my collection. Given the condition, it's worth what I paid.

    My other Felsa the 1560 adjusted r-line case has just gone off for replating and I will post some pics of that once it comes back. These two will look pretty good together I'm sure.
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    Anyone have any idea why they were called Jubilar? It seems too close to Jubilee which would imply a significant event. Unless it was a marketing ploy to sell them to people as gifts for a wedding anniversary or retirement.

    Here is another thought that I will throw out there, please feel free to correct me. This year is the 100th anniversary year for Rado. I believe the rotating anchor was patented in 1957. Perhaps the Jubilar commemorated the 40th anniversary that year, as it has both the r-line and anchor together. Thoughts ?
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      That's a rarity and in stunning condition. I'm not sure why they chose the name, but it does seem celebratory.


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        Congratulations! Amazing watch in almost new condition, rare piece I'm sure. I'd be interested to see if Mike has some background on the name of this model.


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          That is a beautiful watch, congratulations.


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            Sometimes it's more simple than we think. Jubilar is Spanish for retire. Add that to a gold watch and it all makes sense.


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              Wow, that's fantastic!

              I've never seen one before and I really like position of the rotating anchor on the dial.


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                Thanks for all the wonderful comments guys, the watch is even nicer in the hand.

                I have now added some photos at the top of the thread.


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                  Stunning! This is easily one of my favorite Rados, and I'm not a guy who goes for yellow gold.
                  The only solid gold Rado I prefer is the 56-H, which would easily cost 2-3 times what you likely paid for this.


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                    Jubilar in german meens the person who is having the jubilee.


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                      Originally posted by earloffarnborough View Post
                      Jubilar in german meens the person who is having the jubilee.
                      Thanks, I should have known that.

                      Its interesting that we might not really pin down the exact reason for the name. But I guess it is accurate to say that as a 14k gold case with that name, that it was designed with special occasions in mind.



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                        That's a beauty.
                        Solve all your doubts through question mode.


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                          Some additional information on the Jubilar.
                          I wonder if it was meant to celebrate a 50th Anniversary...there is a contemporaneous advert I'll share later that mentions half a century of watchmaking expertise.
                          The below is a snippet from a larger advert I will also be sharing after I make use of it in other ways.

                          Note the presence of solid gold dial markers:



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                            Very sad...a 30-jewel Felsa 692 Jubilar movement with early R-line markings has lost its case:



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                              That's a superb find and I am sure it will be the crown jewel of your collection - Well Done!