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On Topic; my wife is no longer dependable.

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  • On Topic; my wife is no longer dependable.

    For the nearly thirty years that Cindy and I have been together we have played this game: I construct elaborate fantasies and then she either uses logic to disprove them or says "that's nice dear." While in Jamaica I suggested selling everything in ten years, buying a converted Sea Container house and living on/near the beach in Jamaica, subsisting off the land. When I myself used logic and pointed out problems with a kitchen she said " It's Jamaica, all you need is a summer kitchen." I should have known.

    When Swatch agreed to repair my D-Star free of charge I jokingly suggested buying a new Rado to show my appreciation. Once again instead of doing her job she said" Well, if you sell $X in paintings you can do what you want." The very same day my Rado contact at NYJ emailed me to say he was getting something in the next day that I might be interested in. Two days later I had a firm commitment on a piece that exceeded Cindy's dollar figure by a full 40%. She then suggested I go ahead. So I blame her.

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    Awesome! I'll have to link my review to your post! Congratulations, my friend...when will you be getting a classic American muscle car or something equally naughty?
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      Please do link your review of the prototype Brad.

      Here are some facts and some impressions of the Hyperchrome Golden Horse. It is a carbon diffused steel case with Ceramos bezel, parentheses, case back and centre links. I find the Ceramos even more comfortable than the Hitech Ceramics.

      The dimensions are 40mm 47mm X 10mm thick. For a watch that thin it wears thick. It seems thicker than the 10mm D-Star and, surprisingly, a lot thicker than the 9mm square shouldered Centrix. It is a wonderful size and actually wears smaller than the 38mm Centrix, perhaps due to the Centrix's gigantic 33 mm dial. The Hyperchrome comes in at 31mm counting the internal bezel. The bracelet has a very vintage feel. It is only 20mm wide that tapers to 18mm at the clasp and it is a scant 3mm thick. Once again for comparison the Centrix has a 22mm wide bracelet that is 4mm thick.

      While the Hyperchrome is a featherweight compared to the Diastar XL it is clearly heavier than both the all ceramic D-Star and a lot heavier than the all steel Centrix.

      Of all my modern Rados this is clearly the "most" vintage. Whereas the Centrix and D-Star have nods towards Rados past in very modern watches, the Hyperchrome seems rather timeless. It almost could be from the sixties.

      The silly crown. Excuse the dust.

      The movement:

      I dig the black rotor.

      Oh, and I got a wicked deal on it.
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        Originally posted by Watch Carefully View Post
        when will you be getting a calssic American muscle car or something equally naughty?
        When he gets a driving license? Not necessary for Jamaica at all, the sea container will be near the beach.

        Congrats, Henry!

        Nice modern classic!
        Best regards, Mike


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          Thanks for posting your impressions, Henry. That case-back-and-bracelet shot really shows the difference between the steel and Ceramos links. In different types of light, that Ceramos looks at times like steel, platinum, white gold, polished titanium, or ceramic. It is quite versatile and feels nice.

          PS. My GH Prototype review is linked below and I included a link in it back to this thread.

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            Exactly. I'll need a nice ocean kayak, for fishing purposes of course, before I'll need the muscle car.
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              Thanks Brad! In my shop I use super bright T-5 florescent lights and they turn the Ceramos nickel blue.
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                Originally posted by Henry Krinkle View Post
                The bracelet seems to be linked to the watch with a Ceramos-element only. So you should be careful when you´re screenprinting.

                What about the crown? Does it come out completely or just the part with the checkered top?
                Best regards, Mike


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                  That last Ceramos link actually extends right to the case on the top. It is the centre portion of the end piece.

                  The whole crown comes out. When it is depressed you hardly see any of the "shaft", mostly just the knurled portion.
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                    Congrats - I love it!


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                      Henry congrats!!! that could be nearly the perfect one watch watch collection!!!!!
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                        It's close. I don't know if I could do just one watch anymore, but this one, maybe.
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