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  • Hi Brad and Henry!

    I think Henry almost answered Brad´s questions about the case materials.
    If we have a look at the very little info we have about LR-releases in the past, we can see that in 1972 they offered
    the 1624 with a "hard chrome scratchproof coating" - that doesn´t say that the case under that coating is SS.

    In 1973, they´re offering "chrome hardened all steel"-cases. All of them with mineral glass.

    And in 1977 finally TC-cases together with the "chrome hardened SS" and sapphire crystal.

    My 1624A has a SS-case (chrome hardened) - and an additional "A".
    I think the A stands for the last ones with AS movement, because Henry owns two with ETA 2836 and 1624 and 1624-2 references,
    the 1624-2 with sapphire crystal.
    So the timetable would be: 1624 CP AS > 1624A SS AS > 1624 SS ETA > 1624-2 SS ETA/sapphire crystal

    Indeed Henry´s 4124 with an ETA 2836 and CP case proofs that they offered these cases still in the
    later 1970s - LR seems to have switched to ETA movements later than Rado.
    My 1624A (chrome hardened SS) has an AS 1988, a d/d, not listed at Ranfft, but must be a short
    time period follow up of the AS 1986 (which is in this 1424), I think middle of 1970s.
    AS 2063 are also known in LRs, so I assume they started with ETA around that time.

    And I agree with you, Henry, a LR in acceptable condition inner that price range is always worth it.
    Though I don´t really expect that it looks as cool as your 7624 at least.
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    Best regards, Mike


    • 3124 Lady

      3124 Lady

      I bought it once for my daughter, it´s the lady´s pendant to the 4124.

      LR lady 3124 forum.jpg
      Best regards, Mike


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