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  • Spherematic

    I won this today, a very clean piece, if it is a redial it looks very well done. The band looks somewhat suspect but I like the clasp. I know Brad has one of these, are there many about.

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    Saw that John!!!

    but saw the band being able to fit 6 1/4" wrist and I knew Vicki would have a hard time putting that on so I passed plus something about the design just does not speak to me..... I know you are thinking Philistine!!!! Now that Arosa and Ncc 303 on the other hand
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      wow, a beautyful watch.... would prefer it in a ss case, yummie!

      i saw this bracelet on several seiko sea lionīs.

      have a nice week, EOTīs.


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        Hi John!

        Congrats on your Spherematic! The dial looks clean, much better than my ones. :(
        Iīve seen different variations of the dial printing, one with "Atomik Super". But all of them with the crosslines and the "Spherematic" beside the 9. If itīs a redial, the printing is very well done. The markers are correct - the spheres on 12/3/6/9 are a bit larger than the others. The case is a monocoque case, the SS back is fixed, so donīt try to remove it. I think youīre right with the bracelet, just the clasp looks Rado. I donīt think there are too many of them, theyīre very rarely seen. There also exists a SS version. One of my favourite Rado models - and the first Rado I own had been a Spherematic with wrong reprinted Starliner dial. Itīs the left one, meanwhile with an authentic dial from a partsī watch.

        Best regards, Mike


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          Very nice! I suspect it is a re-dial as my impression is that there should be lines on the dial. Very clean and lovely.


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            An interesting and uncommon Italian-market Spherematic spotted today:

            Co-branded with Rado's local importer TICIN.