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  • The Rado Watch Boxes Thread

    Hello all,
    I've added some images to my gallery of the various boxes & packaging items used by Rado over the years. I'd be grateful if, when you spot something that is not represented here, you would send me photos or links to good images. Also, please feel free to add posts to this thread with your own (or borrowed) images of Rado boxes. I hope this will be a useful resource for the collector seeking to pair his/her watch with the correct style of box and possibly to identify when a seller has made a mis-match.

    The following are a couple new boxes in my collection (more photos are available):

    The gallery may be accessed via this link. Note: not all boxes pictured are mine, nor have the watch-box pairings shown necessarily been corroborated.
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    Offering on a box via Yahoo Japan:
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      from what I've seen this one may be a bit different from what you have listed (Brad) in that it has some asian writing on the inside of the lid / top and also a green background around the anchor.

      Hope it helps the cause...
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        Marstron Box Set

        Here's something I've rarely seen--a set of both Marstron boxes with the tag/card included:

        MArstron boxes & card.jpg

        I wonder if this model was offered outside of Japan. The cases of all Marstrons I've seen have the inset medallion on the back, and all the accompanying literature & adverts have been in Japanese. It seems odd that such an interesting model (Dynotron movement, cool shape and dial, unusual boxes) was not available in other major markets.

        An oddity: アーストロン is translated by Babelfish as ground tron.

        One other comment: I find it interesting that the Marstron Z is slightly more expensive than the non-Z model. I wonder if that is because in 1972 (reputed to be the date of the catalogue page above) the Marstron had already been out a couple years and the Marstron Z was a newer model.
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          Hi Brad,

          its just 200 JYEN difference - easy to explain with the NSA bracelet on the Marstron Z, which is a little bit more expensive than a "normal" one.
          Best regards, Mike


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            That's a good theory, Mike. Personally, having owned a few of those Marstron bracelets, I think they would be harder to produce and are of at least comparable quality to the NSA, which is merely folded/stamped metal and does not seem to have fitted end-pieces such as on the Marstron.

            A difference of 200 is pretty minimal, I guess.


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              When my recently acquired Marstron Z arrives it will be accommodated in that very box :-)

              See my collection slideshow at


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                Nuts. I thought I had won it. It is becoming clear that I can no longer expect to slide by with low bids. Enjoy the boxes, John. If you ever sell that Marastron Z I'll be glad to buy the box set from you.


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                  I hope I have won it, a couple of my bids have got lost over the year or so.
                  See my collection slideshow at


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                    Perhaps you are bidding too frequently!

                    If I didn't win it, I'll be happy to see it in your collection. In the past week or two, I've lost out on bids for the Murano, Diastar 40th Anniv., and a Silverlepor. I'm losing my touch!
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                      Brad, can you clarify your earlier posting. You mentioned a set of "both" Marstron boxes. I had assumed the white box to be an outer liner for the other funky shaped container. Are there two separate boxes here?
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                        You are correct, sir: one set = 1 inner + 1outer box.


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                          My de Luxe and it's box:

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                            vintage rado box

                            i'm not sure if this was the original box for the watch, but i do know my dad kept this rado 18k, 17j eta 2789 chronometer watch in it at least 35 years. missing the inside top section and the left hook.
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                              When I started collecting watches I had no intention of becoming a box collector, but...

                              This is the box my 1961 de Luxe came in. It seems likely it came from something late 80's or early 90's ( Florence? Coupole?)

                              Outer and inner boxes for my 1/E chronometer.

                              Green "Years Ahead" box with Diamaster.

                              Blue mid-seventies box. My beautiful Conway came in this box.

                              Outer and inner boxes and case from my 2002 40 Years Diastar XL. The inisde of the case is grey and the case has a magnet closure.

                              Modern outer and inner boxes and case, X3. the case is black or navy inside and the magnetic closure has been replaced by a slot and tab arrangement. The warranty card holder is also different from the early 2000's. Th "leather" is a lighter weight and they now have two slots, rather than three.


                              Deluxe outer box and laquered wood inner box from DS 40 chronometer.

                              Some of the hang tags that have found their way to my house.
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