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Waltham Field & Marine in the house!

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  • Waltham Field & Marine in the house!

    Received this one yesterday evening. It's a beauty of a watch - a little small for me, but not too small at 41mm w/o crown. It has a Sellita SW200-1 movement and a cool bayonet crown. WR to 300m. It's a limited edition of 100 pieces in this color combo. I wish I had gotten the dual time version as it's a bit larger, but I still like this. Came on a nice leather strap with a signed buckle. Obviously, it's a remake of the original Field & Marine watch from Waltham. I think they did a good job of modernizing it.

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    Looks way larger than 41mm The dial really makes it look like a much larger watch, very legible though and a nod to the past of dive watches. Good catch!


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      Thanks, Kevin. With the crown, it's like 45mm, so the crown guard and case make it look larger. Here are pics of the crown mechanism and the original watch it's a remake of.


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        Nice homage, I didn't know Waltham was still around. I have an old mechanical dress style from my Dad that has been in the 'junk' box for a long time.


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          Thanks, Jonathan. Technically, it's not still around. They were bought out by a Swiss conglomerate back in the '80s. Then, some Chinese companies used the name to make some junk watches sold on ebay for years.

          This watch is a collaboration between Watch Angels, a Swiss Crowdmanufacturing company, and Waltham. The hope is to bring back Waltham Watch Company and restore it to its former glory. So, this is a "real" Waltham, but made by Watch Angels.


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            So, this is a "real" Waltham, but made by Watch Angels.

            Close enough! Thanks for the info, Mike.


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              Ooh...I like that! Nice one, Mike! Congrats!

              They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.