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  • Sign of the times, I guess

    We used to play a game where we would peruse the TimeZone Sales Corner and select the watch we would choose if money was no object. I still visit the Sales Corner regularly just to see what’s out there. Lately the posts are dwindling down to nearly nothing. I find four posts yesterday and two so far today.
    If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough.
    - Mario Andretti

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    Perhaps most people are just tired of timezone? I'm in that group. WUS and lately Reddit get a lot of the seller action.

    They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.


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      Left Timezone ten years ago and, honestly, never wanted to go back. I suspect that part of TZ's problem was the place was full of amateurs and poseurs. I had to put up with that sort of crap whenever I posted a WTS and got fed up with it. Couple that with the drastic raise in a lot of prices running off a lot of buyers ,and you have a real s**t storm for TZ.

      Cardigan American Princess Celeste says, "It's too quiet. You guys get up off your butts and start doing things."


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        Same for me - never really participated there much, but used to sell there. Now, I only sell on WUS and ebay. This forum and the WFWF are really the only places I still hang out and post.


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          I was really active there still up until a few months ago...and had noticed really sluggish activity on the SC (mostly dealers, IIRC). As recently as Oct/Nov 2020 I still listed lots of watches on the SC and participated on the Vintage Forum (some on the OF also).
          My account was compromised there (and at WUS) and I've not managed to have it reinstated.
          I suppose I'm well tired of their rules and won't go back, though I miss some of my friends there who aren't active here.


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            Change. TimeZone did a terrible job of adjusting to change. They drove people away. Pall, I noticed the same about sales postings. I probably don't check there more than once every other week, if that. Long ago I enjoyed some people there. They were very helpful. Of course there were some who were ridiculously full of themselves. They may not be dead, but they are quite ill.


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              Dilettantes and poseurs...
              "So Many Watches / So Little Time"


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                Originally posted by kurt48 View Post
                Dilettantes and poseurs...
                I suppose they run the site..., whomever, the captain of the Titanic had nothing on them.