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  • Keepers?

    I’ve described watches as “keepers” only to sell/trade them weeks or months later. Right now I have six (soon to be seven) and I seriously consider four of them to be keepers.

    Eterna is my favorite brand and I really don’t see anything that would bring me to sell either of these.

    Super Kontiki Chrono 5 by Paul Stefansson, on Flickr

    Super Kontiki by Paul Stefansson, on Flickr

    The Tudor Ranger is one that I have owned twice. Now that it has been discontinued I don’t see how I could let it go.

    Tudor Ranger by Paul Stefansson, on Flickr

    My fourth keeper is not necessarily special but I really like it. It’s the Anonimo Nautilo. I have had issues with this watch and this defies common sense but I have sold my problematic example at a discount and purchased a new example of the same watch.

    Anonimo 1 by Paul Stefansson, on Flickr

    Any other keepers or potential keepers out there?

    If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough.
    - Mario Andretti

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    Great choices. I have always like that Super Kontiki.


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      Love the Kontiki Chrono and, of course, all the others too! I can see why those are keepers. Here's my list of keepers - some are beaters - some really inexpensive too, but these are the one's I will not likely ever sell.

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        And, one more...