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    Boy I'll tell you that whenever I buy another watch, I'm going to make sure I will never, ever, want to sell it under any circumstances. Selling is too much of a drag with buyers wanting to dictate how you're going to sell. I never have understood that. I will sell only a couple of ways now, and that's by Cashier's Check or Cash. I understand most don't want to do that - they are addicted to PayPal and their instant gratification. However I don't want to bother with PayPal, their fees, or be manipulated by PayPal either. I never use PayPal anymore. I had an instance at one time where PayPal decided to hold about $3K of my money for a month - because they thought it was 'unusual' or some kind of BS excuse. Had a lot of other issues with them as well. Decided enough was enough and no more PayPal.

    I was called a "reluctant seller". All of you know I am anything but a reluctant seller. I just don't like people telling me how they're going to pay. I tell them the conditions/method up front, and that's it, take it or leave it. That's not being reluctant. I pointed at people and places for him to check me out as well - this forum, and people on this forum, and another. I am going to assume he did not do that. Too bad, he is missing out on a solid watch.

    When I was a kid I recall how you sent away for stuff in the mail. You sent a check or money order, or had it C.O.D., and that was it. You paid, you waited, and you got your stuff in the mail. It was like another Christmas LOL. Too bad people don't think of transactions in this manner now. The instant gratification age I suppose.
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    I need a new watch

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    I hear ya, TK. I hate selling watches too for these reasons. I don't mind PayPal as it is very easy to use. I believe one reason you have trouble is that many, dare I say most, people buying on the forums do not have the money to send you a check or use a cashier's check or wire you the money. They want to pay with PayPal because they can put it on a credit card or use PayPal credit. Combine that with the noob effect and you will have a much harder time selling than if you took PayPal or Venmo. That is your prerogative though - it might just take longer to find a serious buyer that has cash.


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      "So Many Watches / So Little Time"


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        +1. Don't use Paypal either. Never did. Truth is, the reason I stopped selling a decade ago was it was such a hassle.
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          For a long time I thought of selling or buying as forming a relationship. You are interested in something I have and care(ed) about, or vice versa. I didn't think I "won" a sale or "lost" a sale. Rather I wanted both parties to be comfortable with the agreement.

          I've never had a problem with cashiers checks or money orders. I think you are correct, T, with the rise in velocity of transactions, many want instant gratification. I remember 15 to 20 years ago receiving or sending watches ahead of payment (when I knew someone.)

          My experience with Paypal is similarly mixed. I gave up on them the second instance when both parties agreed and Paypal still held the money. I am not in the business of financing large organizations. That said I understand others like the convenience. I don't have to use it and so like you, I won't.

          If a seller or buyer wants to be unpleasant I don't need his or her product. If they think the same of me, well I understand why they don't want to do business with me. And don't try to bully me. It does not work.

          Sorry for your troubles, know others feel the same.