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Made it to Virginia!

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  • Made it to Virginia!

    We arrived at the Colonial Beach Marina on Thursday night at sunset. It’ll be nice to have the boat close enough for the kids and friends to visit for the rest of the summer.

    900 miles is a long way to drive a boat that goes 9 kts.

    We stayed at the free docks at Portsmouth across from the Navy yards on Wednesday night. When we left in the morning there was a sub coming in and the Navy patrol boats shooed us off. It was fun.

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    Congrats on arriving safely. That whole area has so much history. I have friends close by, meaning visits are social and I don't get to do the exploring I would like. 9 Kts must feel like crawling in calm sees, and interminable when choppy.


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      Love the covered slip.

      Speaking of history, although my people only came here in 1960, my wife’s ancestor stepped off a ship 10 miles from where our boat now sits. That was 1620. One of her ancestors also surveyed the land where Stratford Hall sits.