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Any watch related funny things?

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  • Any watch related funny things?

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          The funniest watch-related happening I recall was during Convergence in 2003. The Staff of RGM, and we (and some former) moderators of EOT held 2 or 3 watch conventions called Convergence close to 20 years ago. At one, we spent a really enjoyable time walking around the NAWCC Museum with Roland Murphy, and it was a huge barrel of laughs (especially the 7 or 8 minutes he and I spent laughing at the grim faces of the Hamilton company directors on a plaque from the 1950s or so). But after that, a very funny moment occurred.

          From my article in International Watch magazine:

          Hamilton was on the minds of many Convergence-goers as they left the NAWCC complex and so a surprise detour was arranged. Just a 15-minute drive from Columbia is the location of the former Hamilton Watch Factory. A magnificent and massive brick edifice, the old factory complex features two large clock towers dating from the 1890s and 1920s, respectively. Now housing offices, apartments, and a school, the "Clock Towers" building and its visual tale of success and expansion further stimulated the group's enthusiasm and respect for the venerable American watch brand. The visit was nearly interrupted by a minor disaster as the long line of watch enthusiasts walking beside Columbia Avenue apparently distracted some drivers and a pile-up was narrowly avoided. The light-hearted nature of the group was evident, however. Through the squealing of braking car tires Juan Irming was heard to exclaim, "Somebody finally noticed my watch!"


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            I remember hearing about that!


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              I don’t know if it’s funny but back about 2005 I sold a panda dialed Rolex Daytona for my watchmaker. The buyer, who I knew from previous deals, wired $50,000 to his bank account. When I asked him how he wanted it sent to his man in Hong Kong he said to pack it in a big box and label it as a used machine part with a $50 value. We had the money already so I did what he said. I guess they have a lot of thefts of valuables at the post office in Hong Kong. It made it through and everybody was happy. That same watch today is worth considerably more than 50k.