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Wearing a diver today, fellas?

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  • Wearing a diver today, fellas?

    I’m reminiscing with an old friend...

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    Now THAT one is one I wish I'd never sold. Love to have it back.

    Not wearing a diver. Pilot's watch that is ultra accurate and better to operate that many Rolexes of my acquaintance. Precista Speedbird III with cyclops added.


    Cardigan American Princess Celeste says, "It's too quiet. You guys get up off your butts and start doing things."


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      Love the GMT - wish I had bought one when they were less expensive. Beautiful Precista, George. Put on the Alpina Seastrong Chrono diver today here.


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        Nice choices today, guys!

        Originally posted by Mike D View Post
        Love the GMT - wish I had bought one when they were less expensive. ]
        My GMT was ~$2000 new in '98 but I bought it from the original owner for $1000 about three years later, and it included the OEM rubber w/clasp.
        The ones I have seen for sale in recent years are back up around $2000. Considering the price of a new one, that's not bad, IMO. I've considered selling this one and backed off a couple times. I dunno if I'll need the GMT feature much anymore--my company isn't likely to send me on overseas travel after the recent epidemic.


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          still breaking in the SUMO



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            Sumo looks great. Have they changed the dial? I don't remember liking it before.

            On the watch front: no watch; no Garmin (strap broke... I think the continual soap water and disinfectant got it) and no phone for half the day. Left the house without it, and it was lunch before I realized I wasn't tethered.


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              Nice choices, gents! Jonathan - when I got my first real water resistant watch - a Citizen America's Cup Yachting watch - still have it - see pic below - I used to wear it in the shower and never took it off. The rubber dive strap broke a couple of times in the 3-4 or so years I wore it exclusively. I now know it was because of the soap residue and high temps, but back then, it was too cool to be able to wear a watch in the shower. Wouldn't do it again.


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                they added that PADI symbol and changed the text down by the 6:00 marker some

                here's the 1st gen

                seiko sbdc003.JPG

                The crystal on the 1st gen looks like it has a decent dome to it, the current gen is nearly flat - to my eye, using a playing card for a straight edge there's maybe a 10 to 12 thousands of an inch dome


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                  I will be wearing this today, no work since we are furloughed a second time. Well I managed to get my unemployment coming in so it's not to bad. I may just ride this one out until retirement if possible.
                  I am living the dream in Hawaii.


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                    Some absolute classics on show here today gentlemen. SKX 009 down here.



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                      A great lineup.
                      This has been on my wrist for the past week.



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                        Great showing, fellas! Quite a collection we've amassed between us.
                        Stay safe.


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                          Wearing my Zimbe today.


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                            WOW! That yellow dial Seiko is pretty bright and the texture on the dial is very cool. The strap is cool as well, it looks like it is anime?
                            I am living the dream in Hawaii.


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                              nice watch - did you catch that Zimbe in Japan? it amazes me what seiko does not offer to markets outside Japan