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  • OT: Extraordinary means of transportation

    I've been joking that this is my new approach to Social Distancing: using a 1-person conveyance.
    It is also very ecologically friendly, so I'm proud to share my new (to me) BMW:

    It's a ca. 2004 model Street Carver, made for only a short time by BMW in Germany, designed in their workshop in California. It actually uses parts from a production 5-series, and a novel steering/suspension set-up. This is my first "long board" although I have been skateboarding since the late 1970s.

    Pro: it is quite uncommon, a really neat design, it steers very well and is stable at the highest speeds I have reached so far.

    Con: it is quite heavy (for both carrying and pushing off, although momentum is good), replacement parts are unavailable, used boards are hard to find and a bit expensive to buy for parts (wheels, for example), it stands high but actually had rather low clearance (not useful at all for tricks), and it cannot be leaned up against a wall like a normal skateboard as the wheels extend beyond the deck.

    I'll be getting used to it, and trying to find smooth wide roads with a decent grade for some downhill street surfing. I actually got my wife on a board for the first time I can remember (we've been together since 1992), she rode it a bit yesterday but wasn't too keen to try my old-school '77 Alva.

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    Very cool! I was big into skateboards in the '80s. I had a Sims Superlight board - wish I still had it. That BMW board is awesome.


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      I tried skate for about 1 day, then decided it wasn't going to cut it. I stuck to my BMX bike, which I still have to this day in my cellar. Now I have a mountain bike I got a number of years ago if I need it.

      I need a new watch


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        I discovered I don't bounce so well as I did in my youth when I had a bicycle wreck several years ago. I will leave the skateboarding to you (relatively) young pups. Looks like fun!


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          Nice! I used to skate all the time in the late 80's and early 90s and then did it again some years ago when my daughter got into it for a little while. Still have a few boards in the garage so when my son hits that age I will have to go at it again. Took a nasty spill trying to do a grind or rail slide while wearing my Panerai sub, the watch was unscathed but I had to wear a boot for six weeks and was on crutches for a week!



          This is the first deck I had, same shape and everything except the pattern was purpleish, apparently they are reissuing it and its available for pre-order, may do so after this situation is over with. not sure I would ride it though may hang it up in the studio.


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            Originally posted by Mike D View Post
            Very cool! I was big into skateboards in the '80s. I had a Sims Superlight board - wish I still had it. That BMW board is awesome.
            Dig it. SIMS was king when I was in Jr. High...then Bones took over. I never bought into the wide boards or the small hard wheels used for tricks and freestyle. I'm a 1970s skater at heart still (my Alva as evidence)...but not quite light and flexible enough for skating bowls anymore.

            I had an uber-rare HAUT Lama-flex deck with Tracker trucks in the 1980s. It went missing in the late 1990s.


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              I can remember having multiple skateboards, but the SIMS was the one I saved for. I also was into BMX bikes and racing. I had a Redline Microline - candy apple red with Dura-Ace cranks, Cooks Brothers seat post, Tuffnek, alloy handle bars, alloy rims, all the good stuff. I totally wish I still had that bike. I saved my grass cutting money for months to get it.