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Gents, I want to share some new content from my site...

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  • Gents, I want to share some new content from my site...

    In December 2016 I completed a project that had unwittingly begun many years earlier with the acquisition of an 18k watch case seeking a movement...

    The result was the watch pictured--the marriage of a loose Britix chronometer movement and dial with a gold Universal Genève case. It is described here, with plenty of photos. I invite you to's a proud accomplishment.

    I ended up selling it to a fellow who bought it to wear for his wedding--we were both pretty psyched at that prospect. I'll have to check in with him to see how things are going and share this article with him.

    The watch:

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    Interesting article and great save on both counts, thanks for sharing.


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      Thanks, Tim. I just found several more watches with the same case reference on-line. Here's what the model originally looked like.
      I think I prefer the one I built.

      1033909839_o_large.jpg?v=1575873723.jpg 2.jpg
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        Great article - I've never heard of female spring bars. I prefer yours too - love that dial as is. I love many of these vintage dress watches, but just wish they were a bit larger as anything smaller than 36mm doesn't feel right to me. Such a cool story on where it ended up too. Thanks!