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  • Incame: Steinhart Ocean GMT

    I've liked these for a while. Ironically when Pall displayed the new one he'd just bought, I was in the process of getting this one third hand. It's been beat up, but you guys know that doesn't bother me if it's a good performer, and it is a very good performer. Lost ten seconds since I put it on Monday night.

    First, the watch and the damage, which is actually interesting.

    You can see that parts of the numerals are gone, indicating someone gave it a lot of rough wear. Those bright spots on the upper inside of the lug edge at 10:00 are actually deep gouges. I can only wonder what happened to the guy's left hand if he was wearing it when they happened. The guy I bought it from swears it came that way. They don't particularly worry me because they can't be seen when I'm wearing it. The movement is wonderfully smooth, it locks down easily, and winds with no effort. The watch's only other quirk that I've found so far is that the 24 hour hand is 25 minutes behind the regular hour hand. I can't fix that because the 24 hour hand jumps an hour when you set it. Still, close enough for government work. It's big by my standards (42mm), but wears close to the wrist so it's comfortable and the bracelet uses screws so it's easy to adjust. Very easy to read. The lume, on the other hand, isn't all that durable, but I can live with that.

    In all, I'm happy and it has a permanent home.

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    Great looking GMT, George - congrats! I would not worry about the gouges on the case side either as you said - can't really see them when wearing. The number paint is easily remedied though. All in all it's a solid GMT diver - love it.


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      Great looking watch George, I liked that one too when Pall posted it. That GMT hand is offset by half an hour, and your watch guy can sort that out if you give it to him by just resetting all hands to midnight.

      I need a new watch


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        Congrats great watch, I have an OVM and love the wrist presence, I think it wears large for a 42.




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          Congrats George, that looks to be a good solid performer, the damage is negligible and as T said, the GMT misalignment issue is easily fixed.


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            Cool pick up, George. I've been eyeing those for a while. Damage is no biggie, because it is a tool and not a piece of jewelry, and I expect the price reflected the damage. You can call it wabi, if you want.


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              Looks great! Maybe play with those hands a bit more before you drop it off anywhere, but it should be an easy fix. Congrats George!

              They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.


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                Nice! I’m wearing mine today. Yes, the lume is pretty pathetic but the color looks pretty cool. :-)
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                  Thanks for the thoughts, guys. I don't think I'll do much of anything about the 24 hour hand. Like I said, it's close enough for government work and it really doesn't bother me. I just like the watch as is and I'll probably keep it that way. Overall, just a good watch.

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                    Steinhart seems to have some great values in watches, Ilike this one and a lot of there other models as well.
                    I am living the dream in Hawaii.


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                      Nice, George!
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                        Thanks guys! Fact is, I'm still wearing the thing six days after it arrived. Guess I really like it!

                        Cardigan American Princess Celeste says, "It's too quiet. You guys get up off your butts and start doing things."