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The Sea Dweller and the Cyclops

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  • The Sea Dweller and the Cyclops

    When the 50th anniversary of the Sea Dweller happened, everyone expected the Sea Dweller to be on the dial. However they didn't expect the cyclops. I find that I do not really care for the cyclops on this watch - it's not the cyclops though, it's the fact it's on a Sea Dweller. I like it on other watches, and yes it's great for guys like me with older eyes, but it's not supposed to be on a Sea Dweller.

    On any other year other than a 2017, I would personally remove the cyclops from my Sea Dweller, but I have the 2017 with Mark I dial, so for obvious reasons I want it to be as original as possible. If I could keep the 2017 and had the money and chance to get one of the new two tone rolesor versions, I'd remove the cyclops on that one, and probably only wear the 2017 for special occasions. I'll make a mental note of that for when I hit the lotto.

    Until then...


    I need a new watch

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    I agree that the SD should not have the cyclops. I believe the reason they hadn't had them is that the cyclops piece could not withstand the depths the crystal could, but now, they can make one that can, so they did it. That is cool and definitely functional, but it just doesn't look like a SD with it.