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I guess I'm too honest; besides, he's a friend.

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  • I guess I'm too honest; besides, he's a friend.

    My watchpusher in Charleston, Brad, emailed me saying he'd picked up a couple of old Seikos as a sideline in a deal. Both were in full working order. Wanted to know if I was interested


    Seiko grails.jpg

    After I got up off the floor, I emailed him back. Told him he had two Seiko grails, the Pogue (first self winding chronograph in space) and the 6217 (Seiko's first diver, only made for two or three years). Conservative retail price for the pair was somewhere around $4000. Talked to him on the phone the next day and he told me he'd called a contact and they were already sold. Big surprise.

    I suppose I could have kept my mouth shut and got them for the $600 he wanted, but I can't do that to a guy I've been friends with for over 20 years.


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    You are a good friend!


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      Well done George, what goes around comes around and as a fellow collector I know how tempting it would have been, but it wouldn't be right, given your long term freindship, a deal like that would just eat away at you. I wonder what he traded for them and what he ended up netting?


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        You did the right thing, George - man, it had to be tough to not scoop them up at that price though.


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          If it makes you feel any better, the seiko has the less desirable version of the dial, the 6005 dial vs the 6002 dial. These seem to be going for about $400. But the 62 mas is probably a $3k watch.

          Regardless, you did the right thing.


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            Top man, George.
            That kind of integrity is admirable; way to go.


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              That's integrity, and I am not surprised you handled it that way, George.

              They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.


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                Awesome George...... Couple of things - you might tell him you knew what they were worth, and thus declined to take advantage of him since he's a friend and always treated you right. Secondly, I had a friend in high school whos dad was a pilot and wore a Seiko just like that one there on the left. He let me try it on once, and it was a hefty watch. He used it too - it wasn't jewelry, it was his work watch.

                I need a new watch