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A brief moment of diving

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  • A brief moment of diving

    A group of us spent a week in Cabo San Lucas last week. Managed a 2 tank boat dive one morning. Not a whole lot interesting happening, visibility was a bit cloudy, not an awful lot of marine life. Dove around Lands End hoping for a Sea Lion encounter but they didn't cooperate. There was a mostly sand covered piece of a wreck and an eel that didn't want to have anything to do with us.

    There was tequila.


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    Awesome trip, and awesome watch.

    I need a new watch


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      Really nice!

      I've fished for Yellow Fin about 65 kilometers north
      of there in Playa Las Palmas.

      Looks like you had a great time.

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        Great shots, guys.

        RE: last pic. Off hand, I'd say you two need to check the proof number of the booze you're hitting. I no longer imbibe, but I'm aware of stories, obvious wild fabrications, concerning times I was rumored to have looked like that.

        Seriously, you two look like you had a lot of fun.

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          Keith, your pictorials put the eel in Tequeela.


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            Love the watch, the trip looks like great fun... except the Tequila. Tequila kicked my *ss once. Once was enough.


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              Looks like a nice trip. Whether or not there was much to see, I'm jealous. I still have few enough dives under my belt that just getting the chance to get down to50 feet or more is pretty nice.
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                It seems like a nice trip to me. A couple of dives and then a couple of Margaritas. All good. Hope you had a great time. We are going on a couple of boat dives on Friday with some visiting friends.
                I am living the dream in Hawaii.


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                  A bad day of diving beats any day working!


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                    Originally posted by Chris View Post
                    A bad day of diving beats any day working!
                    What about a bad day at work diving? Usually it's not bad, but sometimes......
                    I am living the dream in Hawaii.


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                      Officially jealous! Looking to knock the last part of my computer classes out this coming month and get set for some pool time with my instructor. Then hopefully open water this spring.


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                        It was a pretty last minute decision, but... less than 7 weeks before I get to dive. It's a quick trip so I might not get the chance for more than a couple of dives but to expand on Chris's point- two dives is infinitely better than no dives.
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                          Awesome trip, Tequila, and watch!