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  • Oris Heritage 65 in house...

    I did a deal with George, who exemplifies what this forum is about, a league of extraordinary gentlemen. He sold me his Oris 65 and passed on to me the great deal he got.

    I received it today and it's better than I thought it'd be. I was a little concerned that it would be too small at 40mm. So far, the only other watch at 40mm that I really like is my SD. Luckily for me, this watch has a larger dial than the SD, so it actually wears larger - further proof of what George and others had discussed on this forum that the dial size influences wear size more than the diameter of the case.

    I think it will be a keeper.

    The dial color is hard to capture accurately in pictures - it's a gray center and light blue outer portion of the dial. It's actually quite nice and has colors I've never seen on a watch before.

    The bracelet is very well done too and similar in size to the SD. It's a comfortable watch on the wrist and looks great!

    Thank you again, George for this - I truly appreciate it.

    Here are some pics - I went ahead and designated it as a Christmas Present, so I turned it over to my wife for wrapping. I won't get to wear it again before 12-25.

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    Looks great, Mike! Congrats and kudos to George.
    I think I like it more than the would be hard to give it up for a month and 10 days, but the anticipation (re-anticipation?) will be something to savor.


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      Looks great. Congratulations!


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        You know, until I saw those pictures, I'd forgotten it had a riveted bracelet. Really vintage.

        Anyhow, glad you like it, Mike. Guys, he's a great person to deal with.

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          Very nice, Mike. Congratulations!
          "So Many Watches / So Little Time"


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            Such a great story... and one those of us who have interacted with George, know to be true. I like the watch. (So when you get a new one does another have to leave?That is kind of my understanding with my far better half.)


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              Thanks, guys! Now I can't wait to actually wear it!