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Thoughts on this one please gents.

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  • Thoughts on this one please gents.

    I've never owned an Orient but I saw this clip about one of their divers and it looks pretty good. Your thoughts?

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    As a matter of interest you will note that in the video he compares it to the value of Seiko watches, which as he says are moving away from "the value for money" end of the market. At one point he turns the watch over and you can see Epson on the case back. Epson is the parent organisation of Orient Watch and is in turn owned by the Seiko Group. There's no way you're buying an automatic Seiko with a sapphire crystal for even 5 times the price of this watch (I saw one today for US$158 inc freight to Australia), but as a group they're happy to sell one with Orient on the dial. I guess it's all about marketing strategy.
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      Two things that have always stopped me from buying Orient - they use a 'gas guage' often on the face of their watches. I hate that. Another thing, and it is present on this watch in the video, is the anemic crowns they use on pretty much all of their offerings. Big watch, small crown - nope. Other than that I cannot fault their watches, they are nice looking, basic workhorse movements, and fairly inexpensive.

      I need a new watch


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        It doesn't do anything badly, but then nothing great either. I'll pass.
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          It's a working watch for someone that needs one, therefore it has my approval. Orient's a solid brand.

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