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OT: So, this is kinda strange (classic car content)

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  • OT: So, this is kinda strange (classic car content)

    Earlier this year I sold the classic Mercedes below, putting that money toward a vehicle for my wife.

    I had bought it in 2006. I imagine there is no one who knows the car better than I do.
    After it moved on, I periodically type the VIN into Google, to see if it turns up on a vintage car auction or a dealer's website.

    Yesterday it turned up:

    It is being auctioned tomorrow in NC. So little information on this listing. It's disappointing. This is quite a rare color combination (light ivory with blue tops and interior)...factory hardtop...leather with later MB-Tex rear seats installed...fitted car cover and original parcel shelf stored in trunk. More than $8k in service receipts from my ownership.

    Someone is going to get a really good deal, I believe. I hope they take care of the old girl...

    PS. I may need you fellas to act as my support group through this.

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    It's a lovely old Panza wagon Brad. I don't think you should fret too much, one imagines that the type of person that's interested in a classic vehicle such as this, is the type of person who will look after it.


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      Been there... I sold a classic 4x4 once because I needed to - didn't want to. Every time I see one like my old one, I cringe, especially since they're now going for 10X what I paid for mine years ago.

      I need a new watch


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        I totally understand and have been there too. That is a vintage beauty and one of my favorite Mercedes designs - timeless. I wish I had kept my 1969 Triumph TR6 - same feelings. We're here for you, bro!


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          Hi Mike,
          Kathy and I are half way through the restoration of
          her 1976 TR-6.

          It was my wedding present to her in late 1975.

          Mechanics are all done—now the cosmetics.
          24,000 original miles.

          Just finished...
          New Clutch
          New Ignition
          New Exhaust.
          New Fuel Pump
          New Hoses and Wires.
          New Tires & Beauty Rims
          Rebuilt Carbs

          "So Many Watches / So Little Time"


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            Very cool, Kurt - like that roll bar too - mine never had one. Do you get parts from The Roadster Factory in Armagh, PA? That's where I ordered just about all my parts.

            I had a 1971 first, wrecked it, then got this 1969 which also had the overdrive switch on the steering column.


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              Cool! I like the wire wheels. We got all of our parts from Moss
              and from 'Triumph Rescue' in Bally Pa.

              I had the roll bar installed after my first child was born in 1978.
              It was my wife's primary car until my son was born in 1982.

     find a good painter who doesn't want more than the car's
              worth just to paint it. I've had quotes ranging from $11,000 to $21,000.

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              "So Many Watches / So Little Time"