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Any ZENITHs out there?

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  • Any ZENITHs out there?

    Any Zenith owners out there? You may be aware from the old days that Ernie has a soft spot for them. For years they were not available in the USA (until about 1999 or later?), and I obtained a couple back in the early 2000s. Ernie helped me identify this one as being one of only 470 made (ca. 1999). I should have kept it. I bought it for $1300; these days, if you can find one, they fetch >$5000.

    That bracelet is also one of the most comfortable I ever experienced. The only downside, for me, was the screw-down pushers. I found them to be a hassle and I broke off one pusher by accident when it was left unscrewed. I'm trouble that way.

    What Zeniths have you?

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    One of my favorites...

    "So Many Watches / So Little Time"


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      Nothing to brag Zenith-XL.jpg Zenith-XL-Tronic-01.jpg Zenith-XL-Tronic-07.jpg about and not very sporty, but I like to wear it now and then. Peter


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        Originally posted by earloffarnborough View Post
        Nothing to brag about and not very sporty, but I like to wear it now and then. Peter
        I like it, Peter!
        It is classic and elegant (and has that classic Zenith 4:30 date window). I would expect you never see another chap wearing one like it!

        Apologies, Kurt. I'm not keen on that one. I know you won't take it personally, as our tastes diverge on such topics as large, modern chronographs.
        Now, a classic hand-wound chrono on the other hand...



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          Love the case on yours, Peter.

          I had an original El Primero (blue) for years. Small, but beautiful. Some years ago I included it when sending someone a picture of a watch I was selling, they offered what I considered stupid money and I sold it.

          I always loved that yellow one, Brad. You've had two yellow watches I appreciate, the Zenith and the Schauer.