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The Race of Gentlemen, for the League of Extraordinary ones...

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  • The Race of Gentlemen, for the League of Extraordinary ones...

    I hope you guys dig this's the reason I was not at the RGM open house today...

    2019 The Race of Gentlemen, Wildwood, NJ
    Photos C. Bradley Jacobs,

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    That's awesome... now what watch did you wear?

    I need a new watch


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      Right across Hereford Inlet from my homestead :-)
      "So Many Watches / So Little Time"


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        Originally posted by TKite View Post
        That's awesome... now what watch did you wear?


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          Great pictures, you must tell us about it. I especially like the leaping flagger. I used to visit Wildwood in the 60's, my great grandparents had a place there.


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            Originally posted by mosswood View Post
            Great pictures, you must tell us about it. I especially like the leaping flagger.
            Yes, she gets a fair amount of attention...sort of the icon of TROG, she is. Not my photo:


            The pictures on the website tell most of the story. It may be the most photogenic event I've ever attended.

            My pal Jer and I went down to Wildwood for the day to check it all out. Neither of us is a hotrodder, but we love cars, Americana, and audacity of individuality, so this gathering was really appealing.
            He has a restored '53 Ford pick-up and a spare flathead V-8...he's itching to build something with that motor, a desire that the weekend only exacerbated (I'm an enabler).

            The crowd was a healthy mix of rockabilly/pin-up type couples, bearded grease-monkeys, old-school rodders and Harley bikers. Various hot rod, cruising, MC and racing clubs were there. Even Gene Winfield, the famous builder of movie cars, was there. An on-the-beach car show featured pre-1953 hot and rat rods, some more modern stuff (eg, a 1970s caddy custom) was on display, but mostly the stock cars were as-found, or full of 'patina' some way or other.

            The racing was cool, but I didn't see anything really get up to speeds I'd call thrilling. I assume it's a thrill for the drivers, especially when they get sideways. The belly-tankers were among my faves--nothing to me is more American than a race car built from a discarded piece of a WWII bomber.

            Basically, the whole event has got to be a cash cow for the organisers. As I see it, everyone pays...$35 to get in for the day, you pay to display your car, you pay to run in the races, you pay if your business sets up a tent, you pay if you're a sponsor, the merch ain't cheap. But, it's a unique experience, and I was happy to chip in for the fun. Only Warsteiner was being sold, no other beer. It could've been worse.

            The people-watching is better than watching the races; small grandstands, crowds at the fences, made it tough to see. Also, the tide was coming in, so the track was groomed a lot, and there were so many gaps in the running, we wandered off to see other stuff often. It would have been cool to see another 30-60 minutes of racing, but watching a short section of the track through the heads of taller individuals is not gratifying. Oddly, we didn't make viewing the racing a priority.

            We are thinking of going next year, taking Jer's truck down a couple days early, visiting the swap meets, other events preceding the weekend racing. I think that's where the real fun may be...I wonder if I can get my old Rockabilly band on the schedule...


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              Cool event - definitely perfect for people watching. Very steampunk.