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OT: A charitable musical event FYI...

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  • OT: A charitable musical event FYI...

    I know most of you won't be able to attend, but I wanted to share something cool to which I am honored to contribute...

    An old pal of mine, Eric Miller, and I have been in many bands together since 1984, and several years ago he was generous enough to include me in some performances and recordings with one of his long-time outfits, called Canadian Invasion. They are a sort of alt-rock, Brit-pop-influenced band...quite eclectic and enigmatic. It's been an odd, circuitous journey for them, through a few incarnations and 4 CDs. My own contributions included writing and singing backing vocals (2012) on their most recent album (finally released 2014) and performing backing vocals at their last full-band show (and CD release party, also 2014) as well as playing bass at one trio show since.

    Sadly, the band's drummer, a great guy named George Groves, succumbed to cancer a few years back--CI hasn't done much since, but this month the band is reforming with a new vision. The plan is an annual show to honor the memory of George, to keep the music alive, and to raise funds for the charity Their mission:
    Rock to the Future provides free music programs for youth in under-served Philadelphia neighborhoods. Through music, our programs ignite passion and creativity, support academic achievement, and improve self-esteem in an inclusive and positive environment.

    George's daughter is performing a song with us, so this is all about preparing the next generation.

    The venue is a recording studio, and there is a possibility that this show will be filmed/recorded for release...again, to benefit the charity.
    I'll let you know how it goes. Jumping in with the band after a long absence is daunting, but exciting.

    Details on the Canadian Invasion Day event, in case you wish to share:

    Me (left) with the band at the 2014 CD release gig:
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    Hi all!
    A new recording from the event listed above was released today…

    This is the live acoustic set Canadian Invasion performed in October—a charity gig to honor our late friend, CI drummer George Groves. The money raised at the gig and via sales of the recordings (release of the full electric set is forthcoming) will benefit Rock to the Future. They provide musical instruction, and gear, to under-served communities around Philly.

    Please don’t feel compelled to buy/contribute, but take a listen if you wish…any comments (+ or -) are welcome.
    I’ll begin rehearsing with Andy and Eric in the coming week in preparation for another album to be recorded mid-year…and there is the likelihood we will do another live recording in George’s honor later this year.

    Best regards,

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      Definitely cool.
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