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OT: A charitable musical event FYI...

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  • OT: A charitable musical event FYI...

    I know most of you won't be able to attend, but I wanted to share something cool to which I am honored to contribute...

    An old pal of mine, Eric Miller, and I have been in many bands together since 1984, and several years ago he was generous enough to include me in some performances and recordings with one of his long-time outfits, called Canadian Invasion. They are a sort of alt-rock, Brit-pop-influenced band...quite eclectic and enigmatic. It's been an odd, circuitous journey for them, through a few incarnations and 4 CDs. My own contributions included writing and singing backing vocals (2012) on their most recent album (finally released 2014) and performing backing vocals at their last full-band show (and CD release party, also 2014) as well as playing bass at one trio show since.

    Sadly, the band's drummer, a great guy named George Groves, succumbed to cancer a few years back--CI hasn't done much since, but this month the band is reforming with a new vision. The plan is an annual show to honor the memory of George, to keep the music alive, and to raise funds for the charity Their mission:
    Rock to the Future provides free music programs for youth in under-served Philadelphia neighborhoods. Through music, our programs ignite passion and creativity, support academic achievement, and improve self-esteem in an inclusive and positive environment.

    George's daughter is performing a song with us, so this is all about preparing the next generation.

    The venue is a recording studio, and there is a possibility that this show will be filmed/recorded for release...again, to benefit the charity.
    I'll let you know how it goes. Jumping in with the band after a long absence is daunting, but exciting.

    Details on the Canadian Invasion Day event, in case you wish to share:

    Me (left) with the band at the 2014 CD release gig:
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