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Has this been discussed here already? Go SeaQ Panorama Date

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  • Has this been discussed here already? Go SeaQ Panorama Date

    So I stumbled across these the other day and it caught my interest because I own their previous attempt at a diver the Sport Evo Pano Date. I really do like the watch but I wouldn't call it a serious diver. This one appears to try and change that perception by undergoing a bunch of tests to make it ISO and DIN certified (whatever that means). It is pricey like all GO offerings and uses their supremely well finished and beautifully decorated movements and the Big Date complication is always cool (no cyclops needed!) and even reaches back into their history of making tool watches with the dial design. My question to you guys is...what do you think about it? Would you dive with it? Is it worth the price? Is it still just a luxury sports watch like the previous Evo was? Would love to hear your thoughts. My take is that its a good attempt, but stylistically it doesn't do much for me, and the price makes its existence difficult to justify to me.


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    Nice at a tenth of the price, but I can't get excited at the current MSRP. Dan, ISO and DIN are European rating agencies (I think ISO stands for international standards organization, for instance). They certify if it is or isn't a real dive watch.

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      Looks nice, but after the original GO diver had issues with the little screws in the back hatch coming loose.....

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        I had a G0 PanoMatic lunar many years back and it was a true work of art. While I like the looks of this in some regards it doesn’t really ring my bell.

        DIN is:

        Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. is the German national organization for standardization and is the German ISO member body. DIN is a German Registered Association headquartered in Berlin. There are currently around thirty thousand DIN Standards, covering nearly every field of technology.


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          I don't care much for the design and see nothing that I would want in this model. I had the GO Sport Evo back in about 2007 and had a warranty issue that took forever and had to GO to Germany twice before it was corrected. IMO the company sucks at service and they are too expensive in general. I will never buy one again.
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            Nice looking watch, but not one I'd seriously consider given the price.


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              I have the predecessor to the Sport Evo diver (called just a "sport"). I would not call it a serious diver. I would call it a strikingly well built and finished watch. I've had no problems with it for probably a decade and a half or so... except that when I let me wife wear it I misplaced bracelet links and have never been able to replace them. A strap works well. As for this particular watch... well the design just doesn't do much for me. The pricing thing is a problem too as they are very proud of their product. Given that they seem to be doing well it is reasonable to suppose they know their market.


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                I like the looks of it, but I'm afraid to ask what the retail is... I guess if I have to ask then I likely can't afford it Jokes aside though it doesn't really grab me, so I doubt I'd request to have it pulled out of the display case for a looksee.


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                  If I remember correctly, MSRP is $13K for the larger one.