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  • Speedmaster help :)

    Always admired the watch and the history behind it. I love the legibility of it too, just instant recognition of the time. I've even gotten over my "must have a date on a watch" thing too.

    Now, sorting through the squazillion models, that is daunting!! I've determined that I like the classic Moonwatch at 42mm, and I'm ok with steel, though I always prefer a watch in titanium if it can be had. I guess my question is was the Moonwatch ever made in 42mm and automatic? and even further out on a limb, did that same design ever come in titanium?

    Thanks for any help, and please feel free to post pics of your favorite model(s).

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    No, the “Moonwatch” has always been a manual wind in steel, with some gold limited production models like those given to the Apollo 11 astronauts.

    They did, however, make a 44mm coaxial version in titanium.


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      Nuts. I was hoping for a smaller, classic 42mm, automatic. Not that there is anything wrong with a manual wind, in fact more shock resistant (not that I plan to get shocky with it!) but I was just wondering since wearing an auto is just plain easier.

      I think the classic 42mm in steel is exactly what I want, so therefore manual wind.


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        There is a Speedy often referred to as a Speedmaster reduced. It is both an automatic and smaller than what is called the Moonwatch. I think it is about 39mm. Still no date. They can be had for a much lower price than the "Moonwatch."

        I think there is a co-axial automatic that is also smaller than the standard Speedy, or at least that was my impression when I saw a Co-axial Speedy recently.


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          I always liked the Speedmaster except for one thing - it's not hardly water resistant at all. I don't think you can even shower or swim with one. Though it's a nice looking watch, I'd go with the Rolex Cosmograph, or the Fortis official Cosmonauts watch.

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            The classic is the 42mm SS, but there are other good options, like the FOIS, at 40mm.

            You CAN swim with it. It's rated to 50M, and Omega states it's good for swimming. If you end up with a vintage, obviously don't take chances without a pressure test.

            The hesalite version is slightly lighter than than the double sapphire one .

            My take on manual winding is the same as driving a manual car. It needs you to work with it and doesn't do it all for you. I love that.

            As for Ti, and auto, the one that I've had my eye on for years, is the solar impulse LE. Pricey, if you can even still find one, but it keeps all the right case lines, adds a GMT function, and a date, and is water resistant to 100m. Busy , yet legible. However, 44mm.

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              I've had Speedmasters in both the pool and the ocean, though at no great depth in either and never had a problem. Same goes for the Fortis Cosmonaut, thought it has screw down pushers and crown and can go to greater depth. The Cosmograph is a beautiful watch, pricier than any of the Fortis or the Omega, but high quality.


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                Hi Kevin, I noticed that Jomashop have a few second hand automatic Speedies for sale, two are 39mm and one at 40mm, there's also a second hand Speedmaster Professional Moon watch, which is of course manual. Here's a link to the 40mm if you're interested, the other 3 are down the page on the right.
                The 40mm looks quite good, 44 hrs reserve and 100M WR.
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                  I wouldn't worry too much about pure numbers in terms of size. I don't think it wears overly large if that is your concern. I have a fairly small wrist and I found the smaller automatic version to be too small, whereas the "moonwatch" wears quite well.


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                    I have to agree. I've had four Speedy Pros and if I got another it wold still be SS and manual. Despite the size, a Speedy Pro fits almost any wrist like it was designed for it. A Speedy Pro simply fits as well or better than any watch I've worn. Daily winding isn't all that much of a chore, either. Sort of a "fidget spinner" for men. The good looks, comfort, history, and superb functionality of the Speedy Pro make it one of the best chronographs there is in my book and the only one I'd wear if I had one.

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                      I'm really leaning towards the classic 42mm, manual wind with no date. I'll always prefer titanium but 44mm seems a bit much, though they do a good job keeping proportions spot on. Won't move on one until at least next year so who knows what may come out between now and then.