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Moving a new Aquadive GMT if anyone is interested

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  • Moving a new Aquadive GMT if anyone is interested

    And as always a discount to folks here Purchased on a whim but the $$ should really go elsewhere, you know the drill

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    A very cool watch--reminds me of some of Favre-Leuba's more robust pieces, but has its own identity.
    Good luck with the sale.

    On a related topic, I find it frustrating to use WUS sales boards. There are posts being made every minute, it seems. Within an hour of posting, your ad is buried on a lower page, so potential buyers need to be seeking your watch to come across your advert. Or they have to be really diligent in scrolling thru the back pages. It's harder to find an impulse buyer than on the TZSC, IMO.
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      Good luck with the sale - I miss my AD watches that I sold a couple of years ago. I agree about WUS sales boards. I don't go there directly - many, like me, use watchrecon as it consolidates most of the popular sales boards into one site.


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        Great watch, Kevin. While I'm not too cool on orange, I still like it. Mabe because it's a GMT diver. My problem is lhe same as most of us, I imagine. Lack of funds. I wish you well, but I also echo the problems with WUS.

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          Reduced the price down to 1245 if anyone here is interested (with a discount still to forum members )