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Well, I have a paradive incoming, with a proper dive timing bezel.

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  • Well, I have a paradive incoming, with a proper dive timing bezel.

    Seller is someone you may know and is kindly letting me “test drive” it first!

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    Utterly irrelevant fact: Back years ago when Bill Yao was active on this forum, he told me he had a new diver coming out, but needed a sort of military name for it. He also felt his previous watch name "Blackwater" was a mistake, them being mercenaries and such. I suggested "parajumper". Parajumpers are the Air Force unit that goes in to rescue downed pilots, on land and sea, and they're all dive qualified.

    Bill told me the name sounded good, but he wasn't sure. Couple of months later he came out with "Paradive" and emailed me saying he'd gotten the idea from our conversation and that I'd get a discount on one. At the time, the $1100 was more than I could afford.

    It still tickles me to see the "paradive".

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      Very cool George! I remember when bill was on here as well. It was a looong time ago.


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        Yao has a done a few watches which have tempted me, the Paradive being one. The worst part about most that got me interested was the wait times,
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          Bill Yao makes watches that perform extraordinarily well in my experience. The Paradive is a classic and functional design. Cool story on the name, George.


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            Bill's offices are less than a half mile from my house in Wayne Pa. He used to come to
            our TZ get-togethers when I was active on Timezone and in charge of the gatherings.

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