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Omega watch restoration project.

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  • Omega watch restoration project.

    Chris's post on the Omega 1000 reminded me of a project my watch pusher buddy Brad and I undertook a few years back. He took in an old Omega that had been made up to look like a 1000, but was actually an Omega 200. I got it and then we both started the restoration project. First thing was to reverse the dial, which required new dial feet. It came out looking like this:

    Omega 200 Project 01.jpg

    I took some pictures along the way, but they actually showed very little because the changes were all internal. In any case, we put in a correct movement and date wheel, repainted and relumed the dial, got new correct hands, and a few other things. Here was the result.

    Omega 200 Project 07.jpg

    Brad has it now, but it was a fun project that produced a great watch. To me, it was like restoring a classic car; the process is as much fun as the result.

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    I love the way it turned out! The 200m seamaster seems about as rare as the 1000m these days.