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  • Ebay scamming

    How does one prevent themselves from being scammed on Ebay? I want to sell a couple things on there, but it seems like anyone can just contact Ebay and say they didn't get the merchandise - therefore making you refund their money, and they keep your stuff. Where's the protection for the seller???

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    I've never had that issue. I ship only via USPS Priority Mail insured. If I ship internationally, I use the ebay international shipping program where you mail your package to their distribution center and they ship it overseas - much easier.

    PayPal affords you seller protection, but if not using PayPal, I don't know. My only issue with selling on ebay is the fees - once PayPal takes 3% and ebay takes 10% then shipping insured, which is usually $20 or more, you can give up a chunk of change from your proceeds, so I always price higher on ebay.

    I've had issues with people receiving an item and trying to say it is not what I advertised - trying to get a refund through ebay - cell phones and computers and such, but I am very careful about how I list items and I won in each case as I described the items accurately - the buyers just didn't read the listing.


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      I've sold hundreds of things on eBay and don't give it a second thought. As Mike says, describe things accurately and ship with a reputable, trackable service. Be clear about any flaws, and your return policy.