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A couple pair with Scubapro in the hole

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  • A couple pair with Scubapro in the hole

    Here are some pictures I took the other day. My seadweller with the new GMT. I am still waiting on some new bracelet links to make the GMT more comfortable to wear, I will have to call those guys.

    What do you guys think about the Sinn pair? I have been thinking that I would sell off one of them, which would you keep and which would you sell U1000s vs. EZM13?

    In the background is a Scubapro Bendomatic and their helium filled depth gauge which has a depth range down to 500 feet and is the most accurate gauge ever made.
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    I am living the dream in Hawaii.

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    I love the new GMT, Vince. If I were you (large wrist), I would keep the U1000. My wrists are average sized and shrinking as I age, so the EZM 13 would better suit me.


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      Love the size of that SD and the GMT is a beauty. I'd keep the U1000, but they are both great watches, so I am sure it's a tough decision.