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OT: Knives, but not politics

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  • OT: Knives, but not politics

    I had to share these...I obtained them recently and am selling them on eBay, but I thought you fellows would get a kick out of them, as most of us lived thru the events in question.

    Two opposite ends of the spectrum, eh?
    I don't suppose it is "PC" to commemorate political happenings with something that can be construed as a "weapon" these days.
    Giving away knives at a political rally could be a surefire way to end one's career in public office.

    Times have changed.

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    Tragic Times...

    The Vilest Of Lies

    Political correctness…...
    the new dirty word

    Meaning perverted,
    excuses now heard

    It masks and it covers,
    what it most tries to hide

    As it preys and then smothers
    —with the vilest of lies
    "So Many Watches / So Little Time"


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      I still have some memorabilia from way back when. It was a sad time. When so many speak in media of this age, with no perspective from previous times I am chagrined at their incredible lack of perspective and maturity.
      On the other hand there was a lot of really good music created then... and these days are looking up on the music scene.


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        Pretty cool - certainly can't imagine knives used as campaign give aways nowadays. LOL


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          I am not sure where it is but I have a Swiss Army knife with the Presidential seal on one side and George Bush Signature in gold inlay on the other. They have traditionally been handouts on AirForce One.
          I am living the dream in Hawaii.


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            Omg what a blast from the past.
            sigpic Let the music be your Master, will you heed the Master's call?